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What do we mean when we talk about Lina “Natural color”?

By discovering artificial dyes, the demand for natural colors decreased because the natural extracts did not have the necessary consistency to create various ranges of colors in food materials and their resistance against light and heat was not enough.

But natural dyes are changeable and often, using them are harder than artificial dyes.

Heavy shadow of cancer on artificial colors

During the past decades, due to the vast studies done, the scientists concluded that artificial dyes would threaten humans’ health and cause cancer. As a result, consuming majority of these colors was announced uncertified and natural colors replaced them.

Natural colors may be gained from natural sources or may be made through synthesis. In general, adding these substances into food materials and products are totally legal and for this, they are also called “Colors that are not required to be certified”.

Lina with natural color

The important point here is that although there is no legal limitation for consuming these additives but their high prices and causing a specific flavor in food material usually would restrict their consumption.

Natural colors are used as a part of nutrition diets such as chlorophyll in vegetables and anthocyanin in fruits, etc. and producing Lina snacks with natural color is a significant point which distinguishes them from other snacks in the market.