About LinaNik Corporation and Lina Industrial Group

LinaNik Corporation has been launched in 2001. This company has been constructed in a land with area of 10000 square meter with substructure of 5300 square meter in Shokoohiyeh Industrial Town in Qom aimed to produce and pack foods.

…The current products of the company are: Puffed on corn base snack, puffed hulless corn snack and puffed and fried on corn base snack.

Aimed to develop the number and diversity of products, the management of LinaNik Corp. constructed a new unit in a land with area of 78000 square meter with substructure of 25000 square meter, named Lina Industrial Group which was launched in 2014

Using the latest and the most advanced machinery of the world in Corn Snack production line, including the followings and by a full monitoring in quality control unit until now, Lina Industrial Group has attained to present new, healthy and delicate puffed corn products. New generation of siccatives, New systems for conservation and transfer of raw materials including oil and corn Self-sufficiency in manufacturing the machinery under sanction Appropriative software This Company exports Corn Snack to different countries throughout the world including Canada, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Austria,German, Oman, Armenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar,Bahrain, Dubai, Arabia, Kuwait,Baghdad and Baku has succeeded to obtain the certificates including quality management system ISO9001-2008, management system based on HACCP regulations, nutrition safety management system ISO22000-2005 by TUVNORD, R&D certificate from the organization of Mines and Industries and halal standard certificate from Chamber of Commerce for the production of Corn Snack with natural color and free- trans fatty acid oil and ESAsnack membership for more than 5 years and Iso 17025 for laboratory and patent registration number for our innovation(Bushar)


The most excelled active company in the field of producing healthy and distinguished food products with good taste, particularly for children, adolescents and youths in the Middle East region.


Lina Company produces high quality, healthy and fully natural food products for children, adolescents and youths based on all its capabilities. Lina tries to increase the level of awareness and health by changing food production and consumption patterns and relying on its raw materials being natural. In this regard, Lina is trying to do its best by maximizing the beneficiaries’ interests, obeying the relevant rules and legislations, applying knowledge-based expert staffs and using modern methods, systems and technologies in all the production levels, also through the interaction with science and research institutes and focusing on cooperation with powerful suppliers and having a strong belief in CSR.


Increasing the capacity of production units


Increasing the percentage of products market share


Creating portfolio diversity by producing new products


Improving the quality of current products


Increasing the speed and improving the company productivity


We believe that our customers are our valuable investments and we try to increase their loyalty. Improving productivity both in investment and in HR is of the essential elements in LinaNik Co. business. Our staffs know trusteeship, conservation of recourse and company’s interests, as their own tasks.

Improving and guaranteeing the quality of processes and products in the framework of customer-orientation is always considered valuable.

We believe in developing the culture of learning, innovation and creativity, constant improvement, team work, collaborative partnerships and discipline.

Our Policy

As a pioneer company in Iran food industry, LinaNik intends to achieve the following goals by implementing ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO22000 and HACCP standard systems

  • Increasing the customers’ satisfaction
  • Achieving, maintaining and developing domestic and foreign markets
  • Improving quality and product safety/li>
  • Creating trust and satisfaction in customers by understanding their needs and accountability to them
  • Commitment to constant improving the effectiveness of integrated management system by using the customers’ and beneficiaries’ points of view and constant monitoring of the company’s performance
  • Commitment to complying with effective rules and legislations related the company’s activities and services and other requirements relevant to quality, environment , safety and occupational health
  • Creating the appropriate fields for contribution and empowerment of human capitals through training and skills enhancement
  • Commitment to preventing environmental pollution including water, weather, soil and sound.
  • Planning and appropriate action to improve energy sources consumption
  • Planning and appropriate action to prevent safety-related incidents, control harmful factors at work ,reduce damage and personal injuries and occupational diseases in the company
  • Organizing and utilization management of equipment and machinery components
LinaNik Corporation has been launched in 2001. This company has been constructed in a land with area of 10000 square meter with substructure of 5300 square meter in Shokoohiyeh Industrial Town in Qom aimed to produce and pack foods.